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How Do I Get Better Sleep

Of all the methods you can try to get better sleep, they all work best when combined with a great mattress.

For tips check out our Sleep Guide.

There are so many great options available to us right now.  When Tempur-Pedic started selling mattresses they cost over $2000! (and they still do).

As the pioneers of the better sleep industry, they paved the way for all the companies we can choose from.

In all of my research so far, I have discovered a few good options, some terrible options, and just a handful of excellent alternatives to the expensive Tempur-Pedic brand.

The Nectar brand is by far the best I have found after searching the depths of the internet.  Nectar mattresses are made from excellent high-quality materials, and are the most affordable quality mattresses on the market.

Check out what their customers are saying here      Rave Reviews

Nectar beds come with a full one year trial, yes you read that correctly, 365 days to try the mattress and be absolutely certain it is right for you.  They ship from the U.S., and have a Forever Warranty.  The Forever Warranty means as long as you own the bed, you are covered by the warranty.

The Nectar mattress is designed to have the perfect level of support, while being soft enough to cradle your body.  The firmness out of 10 is about a 6, and should be comfortable for almost anyone.

Get all the info you need to say “yes” and buy your ticket to better sleep today on their  FAQ section

The best part is you can get financing to pay for your new Nectar bed over 6 months.  If you buy during their special offer you can get a discount on an already ridiculous price, and 2 pillows for free.

Click this link to buy your new Nectar mattress and start getting better sleep ASAP.

Compared to many other mattresses Nectar beds are the highest quality at the best possible price, with the longest trial of an entire year, and they offer financing without a credit check.

Funny video of a more expensive mattress below (hint: get an awesome mattress from Nectar and save BIG)

If you want to read more about why getting good sleep is important (and thus why you must buy a quality mattress ASAP) then check this article below.


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